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SteamPro Iron+

Revitalize Your Wardrobe with the BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron - Effortless Wrinkle Removal, Ultimate Precision, and Advanced Fabric Care!

- User-Friendly Design: The digital LCD screen on this steam iron provides clear and easy-to-read information, allowing you to monitor and control the ironing process with precision. Additionally, the 3-way auto-off feature ensures safety by automatically shutting off the iron after a period of inactivity or if it is tipped over.
- Durability and Longevity: The ceramic coated soleplate not only enhances the iron's performance but a

Introducing the BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron, a powerful and versatile tool that will revolutionize your ironing experience. With its digital LCD screen, you can easily adjust the temperature and steam settings to suit various fabric types. The double-layer and ceramic coated soleplate ensures smooth gliding and even heat distribution, guaranteeing wrinkle-free results every time. Safety is a top priority with the 3-way auto-off feature, which automatically shuts off the iron after 30 seconds of inactivity in the upright position or 8 minutes in the horizontal position. With 9 preset temperature and steam settings, you can effortlessly tackle everything from delicate silk to stubborn denim. Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to perfectly pressed clothes with the BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron.